Tropical fish for sale Sydney

We stock a great, but selected variety of freshwater tropical fish with new stock being added weekly from local reputable breeders. Blacktown Pets has been selling tropical fish in Sydney for more than 25 years. We specialize in certain cichlids from Africa and South America and importantly have developed many exciting combinations of fish that complement each other and can live harmoniously in the same aquarium. 

With over 200 tanks in our aquarium store in Blacktown Sydney it’s well worth a visit. Come in for expert advice and support on buying and keeping fish, setting up your aquarium, how to feed your fish and see our extensive range of ornaments found nowhere else in Australia. 

Tropical Fish Sydney

If you’re looking to buy tropical fish in the Sydney area then come in and see our great range and showroom. We do not overstock our tanks and this sets us apart. By allowing fish to have room to move, feeding them a variety of food twice daily and taking meticulous care of them our fish are happy and healthy. Many of us have bought fish that die when we get them home into our tanks. We want you as long term clients and have built up an enviable reputation for our quality fish over the years. And we don’t deliver fish as we want your purchase of tropical fish or goldfish to be an experience rather than a mail order delivery!

Our aquarium section of our fish store in Sydney has a comprehensive range of tropical fish to choose from. These range from Discuss and Barbs, to Anglefish and Platies. We also stock Molly, Neon Cardinal and Black Neon Tetras, Sucking and Corydoras Catfish, Siver Rainbow and Red Tail Sharks, a variety of Cichlidsm,  Clown Loach, Danio (Zebra, Leopard, Pearl, Longfin Varieties) and the Black Ghost Knife. And there's new fish and species coming in every week.

So if you want pet fish in Sydney or a tank to house them in, tank ornaments or accessories – we have what you need. Come and visit Blacktown Pets and aquarium supplies. We are just off Fourth Avenue and open seven days a week.


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