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VSF Free Range Scratch – Bird Food 20kg

Free Range Scratch Mix has been formulated for those who prefer a natural grain based diet to suit all breeds of poultry layers from point of lay (18 -20 weeks of age). Blend of grains & oil seed with a protein / mineral pellet that contains essential minerals & proteins to assist with bird health & chicken egg production.

Main Features:

# Proteins - No urea, all protein in the form of true proteins sources.

# High Energy - For egg production and growth.

# Commercial Pellet - Contains essential minerals & proteins to assist in bird health.

# Molasses / Oils - Light coating to enhance natural palatability and energy density.

# Natural Grains / Oil Seed - varies the texture and flavors to layers.

# Selgrit - Assists in shell production and strength.

# Easy Lift Bag - For your safety.

Free Range Scratch 20kg