Are you looking to buy Goldfish in Sydney? The common goldfish (Carassius auratus) was one of the first types of fish ever to be kept as a pet in Ancient China as long as 1600 years ago.  It’s been many a child’s first pet and breeders have developed dozens of varieties over the years. The iconic goldfish is easily recognizable even to those who have never owned them.

Whether you are after one of the more basic varieties like a Black Moor or Fantail, Nymphs or Shubunkins or something more exotic like the Pearlscale or a Bubble Headed Ranchu - we have a great range of goldfish and Koi for sale at our aquarium shop in Blacktown Sydney. Our main sellers for good reason are our Comets in red, red and white, orange and gold and in a variety of sizes. These are healthy fish – we don’t overstock our tanks and perfect for your aquarium or fish tank. We do not sell fish online. We feel that it’s a whole lot more ethical and fun to come into our store and chose your Goldfish in Sydney. We want your goldfish buying experience to be an experience…and not a mail order delivery. So, we encourage you to discover our store, great service and solid range of aquariums, filters, ornaments and fish food.

If properly cared for a goldfish can live for twenty years! To enjoy one this long, you need to have a basic understanding of their specific needs and how to keep an aquarium healthy. And Goldfish like other Goldfish, so they should be kept together rather than with other fish.

Caring for Your Goldfish

Goldfish need good quality water and enough space to swim around. Do not keep Goldfish in bowls as they are really not suitable at all. They need an adequately sized aquarium with decent filtration plant and lights. A general rule of thumb is around 15 gallons of water per Goldfish OR 11 liters per cm of fish. They can grow to considerable sizes so always bear that in mind when purchasing your aquarium.

Goldfish require a heated tank and a temperature of 68°F must be maintained. Goldfish like water with a pH of between 7.0-7.4. That’s slightly acid water. Goldfish like to pick at their tank gravel with their mouths. So, it’s vital to get the correct size gravel and it should be larger than their moth size.

Goldfish produce a large amount of waste which can easily make tank water toxic. You will need to test the water weekly if ammonia, nitrate and nitrite levels are ok. That’s another good reason for a decent sized tank with adequate filtration. Our Aquaone 620 Goldfish aquarium is a perfect starter tank for Goldfish and available at our aquarium store situated just off Fourth Avenue in Blacktown Sydney. It has a three stage top filter and curved glass front. Come in for friendly advice and choose your prize goldfish and fish tank! 

Feeding Your Goldfish

Goldfish will eat almost anything and thrive on a high carbohydrate-to-protein fish food. Do not overfeed your goldfish ever. As they are bottom feeders soak your food or the fish tend to gulp and this is not good for them when food is floating on the tank surface. And only feed what is eaten in two to three minutes. Feed twice a day and we have a wide range of Goldfish and Koi food at our aquarium shop in Sydney  to choose from. Give the fish some variety by offering a variety of Goldfish and Koi food. This can include fresh and frozen food, goldfish pellets and goldfish flakes. Some of the feed we have an offer will also help to improve the color of your fish!


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