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Blacktown Pets offers a solid and focused range of fish foods from their store in Blacktown Sydney. Our different types of tropical and goldfish food are high quality and nutritionally balanced. The proof of this is in the quality of the fish we sell. Clients often comment when they come into our store on how good our fish look and this is down to two things. What we feed our fish and the quality of the water they live in. We have been selling fish and quality fish food to the greater Sydney area for over twenty years.  We know our stuff and would be happy to advise you on the best options on tropical fish food and goldfish food for your tanks!

Our aquarium food is good value for money – and our healthy fish speak volumes to this. Our range includes flake and pellet fish food, floating and sinking fish feeds, algae wafers and frozen aquarium food. No one beats our prices on bulk fish foods either.

High Quality Australian made fish feeds and pellets

Our in house range of goldfish food and tropical fish food offers quality fish feed at a very affordable price. Australian made and packaged in store, allows us to offer unbeatable value and a comprehensive range of fish food. Our aquarium food is fully formulated and a balanced nutrition source. Because of this fish waste is reduced and your tank water stays cleaner longer. Our fish food is conveniently packed in 120, 250 and 600 grams depending on your requirements. There is also a variety of pellet size ranges – crumble, micro, mini, small, medium and large. This allows you to cover all your fish sizes.

Goldfish and Koi Food Blacktown

As we all know goldfish and koi require special attention in the foods we feed them. We offer unbeaten prices on larger quantities of high quality goldfish and koi food especially in our in house range. This fish feed comes in convenient 1,5 and 3kg packages in 4 pellet sizes, and our goldfish flake in 1kg. It’s ideal for outdoor ponds with koi and goldfish, and other cold-water fish.

Blacktown Pets and fish supplies NSW also stock Aqua One goldfish flakes in 24,52,100 and 180 gram containers.

Tropical Fish Food Sydney NSW

Our range of tropical fish food will cater for all your needs. And more importantly come in and chat to our sales team and get some solid advice on the best foods for your tropical fish.Besides our in house range we stock Aqua One tropical fish flakes, Beta pellets and tropical bits.

Our Cichlid pellets of course have color enhancers and the Hikari fish feed range adds some nice variety with their Cichlid Gold, Cichlid Sinking Gold and Cichlid Excel. This is a great fish color enhancing solution and works well for all types of Cichlids & larger tropical fish.

Blacktown Pets and Aquarium Supplies also sell Spirulina flakes and a veggie wafer for catfish. These are perfect for bottom feeders, high in fiber and easy to digest leaving your water clear and your tank clean.

Frozen Fish Food Blacktown Sydney

As part of our comprehensive range of tropical fish food we carry an extensive range of frozen foods. From Bloodworms and packs of ten bloodworms, brine shrimp, turtle food, beef heart and frozen cichlid food – we have it all.  All fish love eating worms and this is an easy no mess solution for tasty fish feeding.

How much should I feed my tropical fish?

Rule number one is NOT to overfeed, try to mimic their natural feeding habits as much as you can and supply only the essential nutrients they need. Factors like size and age of fish as well as the pellet or flake size need to be considered.

Easy to follow rules are that all food should be consumed within two minutes and you are very likely overfeeding and not underfeeding your fish if food remains. Feed two to three times daily and if possible give some variation with the different types of fish food we supply at Blacktown Pets and aquarium supplies Sydney. Best of all come into our aquarium shop in West Sydney and get advice for your specific fish tank and aquarium needs.


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